CCTV Installation

Are you looking to install a new security camera system to protect your business or commercial property? Would you like to see your entire property at a glance from your smartphone and even stop crime before it happens?

Welcome to the world of security camera and video surveillance systems.

Security camera CCTV systems are available in a wide range of image resolutions, integration options, and use cases. Some commercial security cameras are used indoors, while others are used outdoors. Some cameras can pan, tilt, and zoom for broader coverage, while others are designed to read license plates as they enter a parking lot. A security camera system is required for any business.

At Data Elly Limited, we provide end-to-end CCTV solutions in Kenya, including sales, designs, and installations of surveillance systems and CCTV cameras.

Basic Components of a CCTV System

A CCTV system comprises of the following components:

  • Security Cameras
  • Cabling / Wiring
  • Network Video Record Recorder (NVR) or DVR
  • Storage (Hard Drives)

CCTV systems are sophisticated. A network of compatible commercial security cameras, plenty of storage, appropriate cabling, and even power are needed for a functioning CCTV system to provide complete property surveillance around-the-clock. Fortunately, surveillance doesn’t have to be challenging. See what supplies and elements you’ll need to set up your IP surveillance system in the following paragraphs.

Commercial Security Cameras

Of course, security cameras are the most crucial component of business security camera systems. Commercial security cameras record everything that occurs inside and outside a building, and they transmit that footage to recorders, monitors, and mobile devices. For various camera installation service requirements, security cameras are available in a variety of hardware types.

Your specific requirements, your budget, and whether you’ll be installing the security cameras indoors or outdoors will determine Which security cameras are right for your system. Is the 1080P resolution sufficient? Will they be able to see and take video in low light effectively? Do they have a wide enough field of vision, or would a PTZ camera be required? When deciding which security cameras to use for your project to install CCTV cameras, you should take all of these factors into account.

Cabling and Wiring for CCTV Camera Installation

Structured cabling going throughout the walls and linking your security cameras to the server or NVR will be a crucial part of the surveillance camera installation process for the majority of commercial CCTV systems. Even while wireless security cameras are becoming more and more common, particularly for home use, wired security cameras continue to be the best option for demanding and long-term security applications.

IP Camera Installation Cabling

You will likely be looking at Cat5E or Cat6 connections when using IP cameras, as most CCTV systems do these days. These cables have the ability to carry the significant amounts of data needed by digital video and high resolutions at extremely rapid speeds, and frequently over long distances. This is an improvement over the coax wiring that typically powers analog security cameras; while coax cables are dependable, they cannot be used to install IP cameras. Most of the time, Cat5e and Cat6 cables can also be used to power security cameras, negating the need for additional wiring. When the security cameras are not connected to an NVR, this is known as Power-Over-Ethernet and requires a PoE switch.

Network Video Recorder (NVR)

Another vital component of any IP camera system is the Network Video Recorder, or NVR. As long as it is connected to the same IP network, the NVR can be deployed almost anywhere in your house or building. You can take pictures with the NVR and send them to your computer or another remote device for live and recorded viewing, as well as record and store video on a hard drive. Security camera feeds may typically be inputted through a number of channels on network video recorders, which also serve as a central hub for integrating feeds and keeping an all-encompassing eye on your surveillance feeds. NVRs and DVRs can be installed on a wall, placed on a shelf or desk, or concealed behind a false wall.

In contrast to DVRs, which primarily record analog-based video to a digital format, NVRs record video from IP cameras. While many NVRs connect using Ethernet cables, such as a cat5e or cat6, standard DVR recorders use powered coaxial cables and have a power supply system.

Hard Drives and surveillance hard disks.

Video surveillance footage can be easily recorded using an NVR, but you’ll need attached hard drives to store it. The proper amount of storage for your surveillance camera installation doesn’t have to be a difficult decision; all you have to do is figure out how much footage you need to keep based on the bitrate and quality your camera shoots at. This can result in a high amount requiring terabytes of video when recording 4k security camera footage. You may usually get away with far less for archive demands that are less severe.

For business security systems with existing coaxial wiring and analog cameras, installing a DVR is the best bet. For commercial security camera systems starting from scratch, NVRs are a great choice, which offer higher-resolution IP cameras and remote video feed access.

We offer CCTV Installation services

At Data Elly Limited, we provide end-to-end CCTV solutions in Kenya, including sales, designs, and installations of surveillance systems and CCTV cameras.

We are able to provide specialized, one-of-a-kind services to fulfill the needs of Individuals, Corporate, industrial CCTV Installation and maintenance, and commercial markets thanks to our wide range of experience and modern Skilled Engineers. We install reputable brands like HIKVISION, Dahua, ProVAision, UNV, GeoVision, Anspro, Huawei, Virdi, Impro & Morpho. Our lineup also includes wireless CCTV cameras for both corporate and home use.

We provide expert, high-caliber installation and repair services for CCTV security systems.
Engineers in both software and hardware make up our CCTV professionals.

To suit your video surveillance and security demands, we use cutting-edge, creative technology from reputable brands like Dahua, Winposee, and Hikvision.

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Data Elly specializes in the installation of both ip cctv systems and HD cctv camera systems. We have a three step installation plan. With a proven track record in bringing together world class security solution brands across multiple platforms, our installation teams specialize in maximizing CCTV security solution technology for our clientele. Our highly skilled CCTV installation teams ensure that your electronic security solution will maximize efficiency, safety and security comprehensively across your organizations physical premises.
Some of the Products we specialize in CCTV installation include:
Hikvision IP CCTV Solutions
Dahua IP CCTV Solutions
UNV IP CCTV Solutions
Hikvision NVR’s
Dahua NVR’s

Our surveillance system installation teams have Installed HD and IP CCTV solutions for Schools, Hospitals, Manufacturing companies, Corporate businesses and private homes.

Some of the CCTV installation Clients in Kenya

We assist anyone who requires security and property monitoring for their home or business.
We market and set up CCTV digital video surveillance systems for private and public spaces, including:

Retail establishments

Merchandise Stores

Medical Services

Restaurants and bars Professional and business offices

Wines and spirits Stores

Facilities for Car Washes and Much More

For each project, our installation team follows a systematic approach in addressing client needs:

Our Systematic approach to cctv cameras systems

Assess: We Assess your needs in regard to your budget and timeline constraints at hand.

Design: Create a detailed design allowing our clients a view of what the solution will offer in hardware and software

Implement: At this stage we do the cctv camera installation. We involve you throughout the installation so that the installation matches the design

Maintain: Regular and professional maintenance is key to ensure your CCTV system serves you as required. We offer ongoing Service Level Agreements and Maintenance Agreements for our client’s solutions.

We Have vast experience in CCTV installations and setups. Our installation teams will advice you on the best approach. Talk to us and we will hook you up with one of our technicians today. And yes we will conduct a free site survey for you!!

To prevent loss to surveillance footage, we offer cctv backup solution where we backup your cctv footage to remote cloud servers.

Major Advantages of CCTV Cameras

It’s simple to decide to install security camera systems in your home.
The challenging part is figuring out what kind of camera to use.
There are a ton of options and functions available in modern security cameras, so there are many options to consider while looking for the finest security cameras.

Remote CCTV Access 

One of the main advantages and features that most homes and companies look for in a CCTV security system is remote access to the captured footage and live feed from your security cameras. Cloud backup of the stored footage is also a key requirement.

Almost all security systems have a companion app that you can download from the Google Play Store and that allows you varied levels of management.
This implies that you can view live video from the camera on your smartphone.

Motion Detection & Push Notification

One of the most important features and advantages of a CCTV security system is remote access and cloud backup. Remote access to the captured footage and live feed from your security cameras is essential.

A mobile app is included with most CCTV systems and it offers you varied levels of management.
This implies that you can view live video from the camera on your smartphone when you are gone, even in a different city.