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For all your electric fence Kenya needs. We can help you with the installation of a new electric fence or the extension of an existing one. As one of the most experienced Electric fencing companies in Kenya, We have the experience, resources and manpower to handle even the most complex electric fencing requirements.

An electric fence consists of electrically charged metallic barriers.

This fence is constructed in such a way that any person or animal attempting to pass through it will be shocked. The electric shock isn’t meant to kill the animals or people,but rather, it’s meant to keep them inside or outside the barrier.

The electric fencing system consists of several components. Each of these components is important to ensure that the fence is set up in such a way that it can provide a shock in the event of a break-in attempt. The following are some of the most important components of an electric fence installation:

  • Posts 
  • Warning 
  • Signs
  • Cables and Wires
  • Insulators
  • Batteries
  • Energizers
  • Various accessories
  • Brackets

All electric fences must be installed, operated, and maintained in conformity with the Electric Fence rules. Therefore it is critical that you hire a trustworthy business to do so.

fence installation types:

These fence systems fall into three categories:

Piggyback. its the use of an existing fence(e.g fence posts), to attach the electric fence. This will add an extra level of security.

Top of the wall. This is the Installation of a fence on the top of an existing brick wall or precast.

stand-alone fence type. This is where the fence is the only thing standing in the way. 


Electric fences are a popular security solution for commercial, industrial, and residential installations in Kenya, but many property owners are unaware of the legal requirements for their electric fencing if any exist at all.

In most cases, electric fencing is the most effective technique of deterring burglars. However, electric fencing, unlike alarm systems and CCTV cameras, is potentially deadly.

Electric fence installation prices in Kenya

Some of the most frequent questions from customers are:

“what are your electric fence price in kenya?” and,
“electric fence wire price in kenya”

Unfortunately most property owners are under the misconception that they can request a price on the average electric fence and/or a  price per metre and then calculate how much it will cost them to install on their own property.

This is a wrong approach

By means of an example, asking what the average fence costs, equates to calling a car dealership and asking the sales person what their average car costs. Which also begs the question, average for whom?

The truth is that no two properties are the same. Neither are any two property owners’ viewpoints and expectations of their security measures or budgets the same! The correct questions to ask are: What are your requirements in terms of your property? And, what your budget will allow you?

Check out our guide on Electric fence prices in Kenya here: https://dataelly.co.ke/electric-fence-prices-in-kenya

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