Electric fence

The average price of electric fencing installation ranges from Kenya shillings 300 per meter for an 8 Strand Wall Top to Kenya shillings 1200 per meter for a  30 Strand Free Standing. If you want to buy and are looking for Electric Fence installation in Kenya, get a quote today.

Electric fence materials list

Battery Prices

Most electric fences will require a standard 12V battery. These batteries are very common and can be used for electric fences as well as alarm systems. These batteries are rechargeable and are usually used along with the energizer of an electric fence as a backup power source during power failures.

Price Estimates

The price of a standard 12V rechargeable battery ranges from R450 to R600. Please note these prices are subject to change and are starting from prices.

Battery 7Ah-12VKshs 1200-2500

Electric fence energizer prices

An energizer provides power to your electric fence and is the heartbeat that makes sure it runs smoothly . It takes in energy from an outside source being either a battery or power outlet and then pushes the energy out in very short high- voltage pulses. 

In Kenya the hammer range of energizers is the most popular energizer. Manufactured in South Africa, its durability is unquestioned. Even when they break down, repairs are easy and cheap. They are also the most affordable.

Hammer energizers come in various ranges based on the complexity of the fence being installed. For residential homes, the most popular range is known as EZ. They are easy to install and maintain. They offer a robust plug-and-play solution that just works and keeps on working. There are 3 energizer models under the hammer EZ range. These are EZ630, EZ640 and EZ680. The choice of the model depends on the size of the fence.

electric fence energizer price estimates

The cost of the energizer will depend on the size of the fence you need to power. They range from 16,000 to 30,000. These price are for the hammer EZ range that are used for domestic fences. If you need an energizer for commercial use it will cost more compared to an energizer needed for a domestic fence. The following table is a guideline as to how much the different energizers cost. Please note these prices are subject to change and are starting from prices.

Energizer ModelBackup battery Duration(hrs)Price
Hammer EZ6306from 16000
Hammer EZ64012from 18000
Hammer EZ68012from 30000

Electric Fencing Accessories 

  • Brackets
  • Test Meters
  • Fence Accessories
  • Tensioners
  • Insulators
  • Free Standing Poles and Accessories
  • Gate Contacts

electric fence installation in kenya experts

At Data Elly ltd we can quote and supply you with all the fencing materials, we are able to install your electric fence system professionally. We stock the main brands like hammer, Wizord, Druid and Merlin Stealth, nemtek, JVM as well as all the electric fencing accessories needed for installation. We pride ourselves in having highly qualified technicians who will install your electric fence flawlessly and beautifully. 

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