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We sell Intruder Alarms, Detectors & Sensors for burglar alarm systems

An intruder/Burglar alarm system is designed to detect intruder presence at your business premises or home. Upon detection, a siren is activated to scare the intruder away or discourage them from continuing with the break-in. If configured, the system can communicate an alarm signal to one of the security companies Monitoring centre, from where appropriate response can be coordinated.

Intruder systems are either wired or wireless. You can learn more about alarms here:

Intruder Alarms

Intruder Alarm Kit

An intruder alarm system is supposed to:

  • To protect the physical assets and people within a premises
  • To deter crime and vandalism
  • To ensure a prompt armed response service is dispatched in response to an alarm signal

Commonly used detection devices include:

  • Passive Infra Red Sensors (PIR’s or motion sensors) – these come in as microwave, digital and dual technology PIR’s that are either wall or ceiling mounted. Some PIR’s, although not all, are also pet immune, an important factor that reduces false alarms by eliminating pet triggers.
  • Break glass sensors
  • Panic buttons
  • Vibration sensors
  • Seismic vault and safe detectors
  • Smoke and heat detectors
  • Necklace Panic Button
  • Door and window magnetic contacts
  • External beams and outdoor passives for early detection and warning
Wireless Alarms

Wireless Alarms

The secret to setting up an effective intruder alarm system is the careful selection and placement of the detection devices. This should match the environment and the risk level. We have qualified security technicians who are able to advise on the appropriate placement of all detection devices.

We also sell various types of alarm systems for private homes and commercial use depending on the needs of the client. therefore ensuring your safety.

Our small alarms are suitable for small areas and big alarms suitable for large areas like big homes and offices.

We conduct a free site survey to understand your requirements and risk level.

We will assess the particular risks to your home or business premises and design an alarm system that is most effective for your needs.

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