The power backup system is used to provide energy, when the primary source fails.

We understand the frustrations experienced by our clients with the current instability of the national grid. Here, we outline some of our standard Battery Backup Power Systems. These will ensure that you are protected from the consequences of ongoing power outages and provide you with backup power when you need it.

We offer two types of power backups

Types of Power backup systems

We offer two types of backup systems

  • Battery Backup System
  • Solar system

Battery Power backup system

When there is electricity available to charge the batteries, the battery management system (BMS) will keep the batteries fully charged. Energy to charge the batteries comes from the mains electricity. When there is a power outage, the BMS discharges the batteries through an inverter/charger that converts the energy in the batteries to electricity you can use in your home.

This system lets you enjoy constant power even during outages. However, it does not save much on your energy bills.

Home Solar Panel Battery Power Backup

Basically, solar batteries store energy for later use. For a solar panel system, there are a few general steps to understand:

  1. Solar panels generate electricity from the sun
  2. This direct current (DC) energy flows to the inverter to generate alternating current (AC) electricity
  3. AC electricity is then used to power your home appliances
  4. Extra electricity not used by your appliances charges your batteries
  5. When the sun goes down, your appliances are powered by the stored energy in your battery

What are the benefits of solar battery storage? 

Not convinced yet? Here are the top reasons you’ll want a solar battery backup for your home:

  • Store energy produced during peak daylight.
  • Avoid rising costs during peak energy use hours.
  • Power your home throughout the night.
  • Avoid power outages due to routine maintenance.
  • Stay powered through natural disaster blackouts.
  • Be in control of your home energy use.
  • Experience energy independence.
  • Big savings on your energy bill.

How much will it cost you to install solar?