Structured cabling installation companies in Kenya

High Quality Structured Cabling And Network setup in Kenya

Structured cabling is an Network infrastructure that is made up of smaller, standardized elements. You can setup these systems in a building or across a manufacturing plant, this is the kind of network cabling that can support all of the rapidly-advancing technologies coming to the workplace.

Structured cabling systems are a kind of network cabling solution that organizes your infrastructure. The beauty of structured cabling is that it helps to future-proof your business, By accommodating any new hardware you add while still supporting the increasing amount of data businesses use every day. It makes things much easier to manage as your business grows!

We design, set-up cabling systems for data, voice and video for offices, office to office and entire buildings.


Comprehensive Structured Cabling

Voice, data and video – all modern communications solutions have one thing in common – That’s cables. Our structured cabling services provide you with advanced and effective copper cabling solutions that allow easy access to your data when you need it.

Suitable for everything from home use to the office, our services are of the highest standards: you can look forward to a complete solution including an initial site survey, installation, testing and maintenance.

We are committed to providing tailored solutions. Its our understanding that each home or business operates in unique circumstances. We have the ability to perform:

  • New builds
  • Retrofitting of old builds
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Addition of services to existing buildings

We undertake the design and construction of data centers and server rooms, and the rehabilitation of these vital resource centers.

Cabling Uses

Structured cabling has a variety of uses, making it versatile and able to meet your business’s needs. Unlike point-to-point, these systems can grow with your business. It’s easy to add more workstations or hardware as you need.

Our systems are designed with future growth in mind. No matter how complex your networking requirements are, at Data Elly, we have the man-power and technology to give your business the networking infrastructure that will give it that technological edge for now and in future.

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